Welcome Jackson College Guests!

Be our guest! Enroll at Jackson College on your journey to completing your degree at your current home institution. Continue your education and get ahead! Take one course or several and let us contribute to your overall education. We offer affordable tuition, a variety of online offerings and easy credit transfer!

Simple Steps to Register as a Guest

  • STEP 1: View Course Offerings

    May 20 – August 12, 2023

    Summer Session

    View 12 week classes starting May 20

  • STEP 2: Consult with Home Institution

    Consult with your home institution that the course(s) you plan to take at Jackson College will be accepted as transfer credit.

  • STEP 3: Fill Out Forms

    Print or fill out both the fillable Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application and Add/Drop Form.

    Guest Student Application  Add/Drop Form

    Fill out PART I of the Guest application with your information and the course(s) you intend to take with JC.

      • For number 16, ‘Courses that you plan to take:’ Be sure to include the course letters, number and section of the course on the application (Example: ENG 132-I53 this section number indicates an online course and a course that runs 6/8 – 7/26)
      • Fill out the add/drop form as well with your information and the course(s) information.

    PART II of the Guest Application:  Take or email your completed section of the Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application to the Registrar’s Office, or to an officer at your school who processes guest applications, where ‘PART II’ will be completed and signed.

    *Guest Applications will be received and considered official without the seal if an authorizing signature is included.

    Sample Guest Student Application

  • STEP 4: Upload Forms

    Upload both of the completed Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application and Add/Drop form to our secure site. Completed documents can be saved to your device and then uploaded. These documents will be received in the same day for processing.

    Secure Document Portal

    By Mail

    If you would rather mail your application, please send to:

    Jackson College
    Attn: Guest Student
    2111 Emmons Rd.
    Jackson MI 49201

    (Mailing will take longer to process at this time)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I know I’m registered?
    • Once your application is received, processing time is approximately 1-2 days if all documentation is filled out properly.
    • An initial e-mail confirmation will be sent to the email provided on the application which includes course info, payment and username and password.
  • How do I make a change to my course schedule?

    If you later decide you no longer wish to take this course with Jackson College, fill out the add/drop form and upload it to the Admissions Secure Document Portal. Please pay close attention to the Time Frame for Dropping/Withdrawing from a course.

    If you are past the add/drop period and wish to withdraw from the course, the withdrawal form will need to be filled out and returned for manual processing.

  • Cost and payment information

    Students may pay online, in person at our Cashier’s Office, by mail, or sign up for a payment plan. Please read more about Jackson College’s payment options.

    For the Summer semester, students may be eligible to use TIP if specific criteria is met. Check eligibility with our financial aid office by calling 517.796.8410. The guest application, Add/Drop Form and Guest Student TIP Verification Formlink opens in new window must be turned into Jackson College for potential processing.

    Please be aware of payment deadlines once you are registered for your course. Non-payment may result in being dropped from the course.

    Note: Title IV Funding (financial aid) cannot be utilized at two institutions simultaneously.

  • Helpful tips for guest students
    • If you are taking an online course, we recommend that you complete JetReady Orientationlink opens in new window so you can familiarize yourself with the online format at JC. This is not required, only recommended.
    • All students who are registered will be given a JC E-maillink opens in new window: Format: username@my.gzzk166.com
    • Password: provided in your confirmation e-mail and schedule bill mailing
    • Participate in your registered course(s) to avoid potentially being dropped by the instructor due to lack of participation
    • Seek additional assistance! Visit our Center for Student Successlink opens in new window which contains free valuable resources and tutorslink opens in new window.
    • Enjoy your course(s)!
  • Transferring credits back to home institution

    Upon completion of your course(s) at Jackson College, the student is responsible for Requesting that an official JC transcript link opens in new window be sent to the home institution. Make sure that final grades have been posted and a certain amount of time is allowed for the transcript request to be processed.