Assessment of Student Learning

Located here are some helpful tools to assist you as you complete assessments and/or to understand assessment at Jackson College. View our handbook and assessment table below for explanation. Also below is a link to the official Jackson College Plan of Assessment.


Course Level Assessment is based upon the course learning objectives located in the official course outline. Analysis occurs and changes are reported (one/year) in the Report Changes to Course and Closing the Loop form (from the Official Course Outline). In addition to direct measures of student learning, faculty may also elect to sample one of more indirect measures, such as student evaluations or other surveys. Analysis occurs and changes are reported in the APRP (once/year).

Assessment at the Course Level

To what extent do students learn what they are supposed to learn in this course? How do we know?

Within the structure of each course, student learning is frequently measured. The measures vary (tests, exams, homework, research papers, laboratory evaluations, performance measures) based on the nature of the course and the specific course objectives for student learning. Typically, faculty assess more than once for each learning objective identified in the official course outline, which also by design assures equivalence across sections of a course, and provides guidance to faculty on the distribution of time and effort devoted to the identified course outcomes. Just as our classroom examples, demonstrations, and metaphors are adapted to each student and group of students, so too our means of assessment of student learning at the course level are adapted to the outcomes we expect and the goals we define for successful student performance. The aggregate of these individual measures of student learning forms the basis for assigning grades at the end of the course. While the final grade distribution reveals clearly the rate of student success, both faculty and students need more frequent and specific information if the process of learning is to succeed. Ideally, we measure learning often and provide quick, definitive and discrete feedback to students, so they can improve the efficiency of their efforts. At the same time, we realize nearly effortless improvements in delivery; as we get to know our students and their abilities better, we provide better instruction. On some occasions, we craft major changes in a course, and then evaluate how those changes impact subsequent student learning. Ultimately, the common goal of improved student learning and efficient teaching is realized. This cycle of continuous measurement, evaluation, and improvement guides our efforts.

As faculty, we report our course level assessment experiences in our APRP each spring semester. We may also find common ground and common goals by sharing our experiences with colleagues, particularly colleagues who teach the same course or courses. Because we measure student learning in consistent ways, we can track improvement over time. We may also use this information to assist new faculty as they acculturate to JC, and to document the need for additional funding for course level improvements in equipment, materials, or scheduling formats. As both teachers and learners, we may also choose to share our experiences with colleagues across disciplines or departments, learning from each other and adopting each other’s practices when advantageous to do so. Indeed, sharing our experiences with helping students learn often leads to cross-discipline classroom visits and improved collegial relationships.

Classroom Assessment Techniques

How successful was this class session? How do we know?

Within courses, but not part of course assessment strategies, is a special role for classroom assessment techniques, a procedure made popular by Angelo and Cross (19xx). Procedures such as the One Minute Paper, the Muddiest Point, or the Critical Incident Assessment Questionnaire, help us to know what students learned or failed to learn during a specific class session. These assessments, usually anonymous, help us to fine-tune our instruction, but are patently insufficient as direct measures of student achievement of the learning outcomes for the course. Nonetheless, they are often very informative and helpful, and are to be encouraged. Moreover, their use conveys to students our tactical commitment to improvement of student learning, and signifies that we are a learning organization.

Course Outlines

ACC 115Payroll AccountingBusiness & Computer Technology
ACC 131Introductory Accounting for non-majorsBusiness & Computer Technology
ACC 214Income Tax AccountingBusiness & Computer Technology
ACC 231Prin Accounting IBusiness & Computer Technology
ACC 232Prin Accounting IIBusiness & Computer Technology
ACC 234Managerial AccountingBusiness & Computer Technology
ACC 240Int AccountingBusiness & Computer Technology
ACC 245InternshipBusiness & Computer Technology
ACC 250Technology Applications for AccountingBusiness & Computer Technology
AFT 110Primary Ground SchoolProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 112Primary Flight IProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 114Primary Flight IIProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 116Primary Flight IIIProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 125Commercial Ground SchoolProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 130Commercial Flight IProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 135Instrument Ground SchoolProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 140Commercial Flight IIProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 200Commercial Flight IIIProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 205Commercial Flight IVProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 210Instrument FlightProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 215Flight Instructor TheoryProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 220Flight Instructor FlightProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 230Instrument Flt Inst FltProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 235Flight TransitionProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 240Biennial Flt Rev ClinicProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 250IFR RecurrencyProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AFT 275Maintenance for PilotsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AGT 111Agriculture Safety & Bio SecurityProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AGT 113Introduction to Food SystemsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AGT 120Fund Ag ScienceProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AGT 131Introduction to Plant & Soil ScienceProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AGT 202Pesticides in AgricultureProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AGT 209Precision FarmingProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AGT 212Agriculture Polity & PracticesProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AGT 225Introduction to Animal ScienceProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AGT 227Introduction to Animal ScienceProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AGT 231Agriculture Finance & ManagementProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AGT 245Agriculture or Agri-Business InternshipProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ALT 200Prin of Alternative EnergyProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ALT 210Fundamentals of Energy EfficiencyProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ALT 215Energy Audit TechniquesProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ALT 250Wind EnergyProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ALT 255Solar EnergyProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ALT 260Geothermal Energy & SystemsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ALT 265Solar Thermal energy & SystemsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ALT 270Alternative FuelsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ANT 131Cultural AnthropologyHuman Services
ART 101Two Dimensional DesignLiberal Arts
ART 103Drawing I: FoundationsLiberal Arts
ART 111History:Prehistoric-1400Liberal Arts
ART 112History:Renaissance-PresentLiberal Arts
ART 121Ceramics I: FoundationsLiberal Arts
ART 122Ceramics II: Wheel & Ceramic SculptureLiberal Arts
ART 137Digital PhotographyLiberal Arts
ART 152Painting I: Design and ColorLiberal Arts
ART 201Three-Dimensional Design: S&SLiberal Arts
ART 205Drawing II: Fig & CompLiberal Arts
ART 237Digital Photography IILiberal Arts
ART 240PrintmakingProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 101General ServiceProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 102Engine Performance IProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 103Engine Performance IIProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 105Automotive BrakesProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 106Suspension and SteeringProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 108Auto AC & HeatingProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 112Electrical Systems IProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 113Electrical Systems IIProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 118Diesel FundamentalsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 201Engine RepairProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 202Automatic TransmissionProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 203Advanced Engine PerformanceProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 204Manual Trans & DrivelinesProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 210Co-Op ExperienceProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 211Co-Op ExperienceProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 212Co-Op ExperienceProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 214Auto Lab ExperienceProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 234Undercar ServiceProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 240Hybrid TechnologyProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 248Diesel Engine PerformanceProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 263Heavy Duty Steering & SuspensionProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
AUT 268Heavy Duty Heating & Air ConditioningProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
BIO 110Introductory BiologyScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
BIO 132Human BiologyScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
BIO 140Pub Health/DiseaseScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
BIO 158Environmental ScienceScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
BIO 161General Biology IScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
BIO 162General Biology IIScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
BIO 220MicrobiologyScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
BIO 231General BotanyScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
BIO 232General ZoologyScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
BIO 253Human Anatomy & Physiology IScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
BIO 254Human Anatomy & Physiology IIScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
BIO 258Field EcologyScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
BUA 100Contemporary BusinessBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 110Intro to Wall StreetBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 111Personal FinanceBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 120Human Relations in BusinessBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 121LeadershipBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 122Successful Small BusinessBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 130Customer ServiceBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 131Effective SellingBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 220Principles of ManagementBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 221Human Resource ManagementBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 230Principles of MarketingBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 231Advertising, Promotion & PRBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 245Internship/ExternshipBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 250Business Law IBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 251Business Law IIBusiness & Computer Technology
BUA 420Proj ManagementBusiness & Computer Technology
CAD 151AutoCAD IProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
CAD 251Adv. CadProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
CCT 121Introduction to HVACProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
CCT 160Fundamentals of Energy EfficiencyProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
CCT 162Energy Audit TechniquesProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
CCT 165Geothermal Energy & SystemsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
CCT 167Solar Thermal Energy & SystemsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
CEM 131Fundamentals of ChemistryScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
CEM 132Fund of Organic & BiologicalScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
CEM 141General Chemistry IScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
CEM 142General Chemistry IIScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
CEM 241Organic Chemistry IScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
CEM 242Organic Chemistry IIScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
CIS 090Computer BasicsBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 095Computer LiteracyBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 101Intro to Computer SystemsBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 103Learning the KeyboardBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 104Keyboard Speed/AccuracyBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 105Microsoft® Windows® WorkshopBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 106Operating System: UNIXBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 107Microsoft® DOS WorkshopBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 110Keyboarding/Document ProcessesBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 111Int Keyboard/TypingBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 112Microsoft Office Professional IntroductionBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 114Microsoft Word Workshop - WindowsBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 115MS Excel Workshop-Windows®Business & Computer Technology
CIS 117MS® Outlook® WorkshopBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 118Microsoft® Publisher® Windows®Business & Computer Technology
CIS 119Microsoft PowerPoint-Windows®Business & Computer Technology
CIS 120MS Word Comprehensive-WindowsBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 121MS Excel Comprehensive-WindowBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 122MS Access Comprehensive-WindoBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 125Microsoft Expressions WebBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 126Digital Design FundamentalsBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 127Intro to Creative SoftwareBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 128Typography & LayoutBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 129Intro to ProductionBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 131Methods in 3-D PrototypingBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 132Graphic IllustrationBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 133Brand Identity DesignBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 134Graphic Imaging - PhotoshopBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 135Open Source Web DesignBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 136Integrated Design I (Adobe)Business & Computer Technology
CIS 137Digital PhotographyBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 138Image Editing ApplicationsBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 143HTMLBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 147Web Page Design I-Dreamweaver®Business & Computer Technology
CIS 158Programming LogicBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 160Visual Basic.NETBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 165Java ProgrammingBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 170Programming in C++Business & Computer Technology
CIS 1713D Modeling IBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 172Lighting and TexturingBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 173Animation IBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 174PC Repair/A+ HardwareBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 175PC Repair/A+ SoftwareBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 176A+ Certification Exam PrepBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 179Network+ Certification Exam PrepBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 201Advanced Information TechBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 203Intro to Probability & StatsBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 210Office Administration SystemsBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 230Practicum in Printing IBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 232Integrated Design - InDesignBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 234Graphic Technology AppBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 237Digital Photography IIBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 243Web AnimationBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 244Web ProgrammingBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 245InternshipBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 246Web Integration With DatabasesBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 247Web Page Design IIBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 260Advanced Visual Basic.NETBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 270Advanced C++ ProgrammingBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 2713D Modeling IIBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 272Computer Gaming FundamentalsBusiness & Computer Technology
CIS 273Systems Concepts and DesignBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 101Network FundamentalsBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 102Routing Protocols & ConceptsBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 103LAN Switching & WirelessBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 104Accessing the WANBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 121Microsoft® Networking Client IBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 122Microsoft® Network Client IIBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 123Microsoft® Networking Server IBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 124Microsoft Networking Server IIBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 125Microsoft® DirectoryBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 128PowerShell ScriptingBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 131Linux Administration IBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 132Linux Administration IIBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 141Wireless NetworkingBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 201Network Security/Security+Business & Computer Technology
CNS 221Securing Microsoft® NetworksBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 231Firewall Intrusion DetectionBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 232Computer Forensics IBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 233Hacker TechniquesBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 234Ethical HackingBusiness & Computer Technology
CNS 235Intrusion DetectionBusiness & Computer Technology
COM 231Communication FundamentalsBusiness & Computer Technology
COM 233Argumentation & DebateLiberal Arts
COM 234Public AddressLiberal Arts
COM 240Interpersonal CommunicationLiberal Arts
COM 250Intercultural CommunicationLiberal Arts
COM 350Intercultural Communication for ManagementLiberal Arts
Course #Course OutlineCourse TitlePathway
CPS 177Programming in C++Business & Computer Technology
CRJ 101Criminal LawHuman Services
CRJ 102Criminal InvestigationHuman Services
CRJ 104Criminal Just PsychologyHuman Services
CRJ 108Criminal Justice Fieldwork - SecurityHuman Services
CRJ 109Advanced Security TrainingHuman Services
CRJ 111Intro Criminal JusticeHuman Services
CRJ 112Crime and DelinquencyHuman Services
CRJ 113Intro CriminalisticsHuman Services
CRJ 114Police Admin & OperationsHuman Services
CRJ 116Fire InvestigationHuman Services
CRJ 117CriminologyHuman Services
CRJ 119Client Growth & DevHuman Services
CRJ 120Human Relations for CorHuman Services
CRJ 121Intro to CorrectionsHuman Services
CRJ 124Institution PopulationsHuman Services
CRJ 125Parole & ProbationHuman Services
CRJ 127Corrections LawHuman Services
CRJ 203Field Studies-InternshipHuman Services
CRJ 224Health & Safety in CorrectionsHuman Services
CRJ 225Workplace Relations in CorrectionsHuman Services
CRJ 299Corrections CoreHuman Services
CUL 100Intro to HospitalityBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 101ServSafe FundamentalsBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 111Food Handling/Alcohol ServiceBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 114BakingBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 115Baking & PastryBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 118Nutrition for Food ServiceBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 120Culinary SkillsBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 121Intro to Food Prod TechBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 150Food Service ManagementBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 175International CuisineBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 210Garde MangerBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 224Food and Bev Cost ControlBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 228Food Service Layout & DesignBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 230Quantity Food ProductionBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 231A'la Carte KitchenBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 250Prin of Beverage ServiceBusiness & Computer Technology
CUL 315Innovation, Branding, & Strategic MarketingBusiness & Computer Technology
DAN 121Jazz Technique ILiberal Arts
DAN 122Jazz Technique IILiberal Arts
DMS 100Intro Diagnostic ImagingHealth Sciences
DMS 101Sonographic OrientationHealth Sciences
DMS 104Intro Sonographic InstrumHealth Sciences
DMS 105Sonographic TechniqueHealth Sciences
DMS 107Sonographic Orient-VascHealth Sciences
DMS 108Ess. of SonographyHealth Sciences
DMS 122Clinical Experience IHealth Sciences
DMS 140Sono Orientation and TechniqueHealth Sciences
DMS 141Adult Echo IHealth Sciences
DMS 142Echo Clinical IHealth Sciences
DMS 144Cardiovascular PrinciplesHealth Sciences
DMS 148Echo Clinical IIHealth Sciences
DMS 151Peripheral Arterial IHealth Sciences
DMS 152Peripheral Arterial IIHealth Sciences
DMS 155Peripheral VenousHealth Sciences
DMS 161Vascular Clinical IHealth Sciences
DMS 196Intro to Cardiac ClinicalHealth Sciences
DMS 197Introduction to ClinicalHealth Sciences
DMS 198Intro to Vascular ClinicalHealth Sciences
DMS 200Abdomen and Small Parts SonoHealth Sciences
DMS 201Obstetric and Gynecologic SonoHealth Sciences
DMS 206Sonograph InstrumentationHealth Sciences
DMS 212Comprehensive SonographyHealth Sciences
DMS 223Clinical Experience IIHealth Sciences
DMS 224Clinical Experience IIIHealth Sciences
DMS 240Adult Echo IIHealth Sciences
DMS 244Echo Clinical IIIHealth Sciences
DMS 251Cerebrovascular ImagingHealth Sciences
DMS 254Transcranial Doppler ImagingHealth Sciences
DMS 265Vascular Clinical IIHealth Sciences
DMS 266Vascular Clinical IIIHealth Sciences
ECM 101eCommerce FundamentalsBusiness & Computer Technology
ECM 201Advanced Information TechBusiness & Computer Technology
ECM 220eBusiness IIBusiness & Computer Technology
ECN 231MacroeconomicsBusiness & Computer Technology
ECN 232MicroeconomicsBusiness & Computer Technology
EDU 100Pre-Teaching PathwayLiberal Arts
EDU 221Exploring TeachingLiberal Arts
EDU 232The Exceptional ChildLiberal Arts
EDU 263Child Growth & DevelopmentLiberal Arts
EDU 290Instructional Skills WorkshopLiberal Arts
EGR 153Engineering DrawingProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
EGY 101Energy Ind FundProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
EGY 345Energy Systems InternshipProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
EGY 361Ind Mat'l AnalysisProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
EGY 380Power Grid/Smart GridProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
EGY 499Senior SeminarProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELI 011Pre-Elementary Speaking/Listening
ELI 012Pre-Elementary Reading/Vocabulary
ELI 013Pre-Elementary Speaking/Listening
ELI 014Pre-Elementary Grammar
ELI 021Pre-Elementary Speaking/Listening
ELI 022Elementary Reading/Vocabulary
ELI 023Elementary Writing
ELI 024Elementary Grammar
ELI 031Intermedicate Speaking/Listening
ELI 032Intermedicate Reading/Vocabulary
ELI 033Intermediate Writing
ELI 034Intermediate Grammar
ELI 041Pre-Advanced Speaking/Listening
ELI 042Pre-Advanced Reading/Vocabulary
ELI 043Pre-Advanced Writing
ELI 044Pre-Advanced Grammar
ELI 051Advanced Speaking/Listening
ELI 052Advanced Reading/Vocabulary
ELI 053Advanced Writing
ELI 054Advanced Grammar
ELI 097American Culture
ELI 098TOEFL Preparation
ELI 099Language Lab
ELT 105Intro to Elec. SystemsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 120Circuit Analysis IProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 126Circuit Analysis IIProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 130Electronics IProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 140Intro to Digital ElectronicsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 150Residential WiringProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 151Commercial WiringProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 152Industrial WiringProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 160Prin of Alternative EnergyProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 163Wind EnergyProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 166Solar EnergyProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 215Electrical TroubleshootingProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 220Industrial Motion ControlProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 250Electric Motors & ControlsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 260Basic Programmable ControllersProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 261Advanced PLC ProgrammingProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
ELT 274Electricians National CodeProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
EMS 110Advanced FA & CPRHealth Sciences
EMS 113Medical First ResponderHealth Sciences
EMS 114EMS Medical Terminology/A&PHealth Sciences
EMS 122EMT-Basic TechnologyHealth Sciences
EMS 150EMT Intermediate TechnologyHealth Sciences
EMS 160Advanced Medic 1Health Sciences
EMS 161Medic Lab 1Health Sciences
EMS 162Medic Pharm 1Health Sciences
EMS 163Medic Cardio 1Health Sciences
EMS 164Pediatric AlsHealth Sciences
EMS 166Medic Clinical 1Health Sciences
EMS 170Advanced Medic IIHealth Sciences
EMS 171Medic Lab IIHealth Sciences
EMS 172Medic Pharm IIHealth Sciences
EMS 173Medic Cardio IIHealth Sciences
EMS 174Advanced Medic IIHealth Sciences
EMS 176Medic Clinical IIHealth Sciences
EMS 245Paramedic Clinical InternshipHealth Sciences
EMS 280Ems I/C. IHealth Sciences
EMS 282Ems I/C. IIHealth Sciences
ENG 080Reading EssentialsLiberal Arts
ENG 085College ReadingLiberal Arts
ENG 086Active Reading for CollegeLiberal Arts
ENG 090Introduction to WritingLiberal Arts
ENG 091Intro to Coll. WritingLiberal Arts
ENG 131Writing Experience ILiberal Arts
ENG 131AWriting Experience ILiberal Arts
ENG 132Writing Experience IILiberal Arts
ENG 186Intro to Photo JournalismLiberal Arts
ENG 201Advanced CompositionLiberal Arts
ENG 210Intro to FilmLiberal Arts
ENG 232Tech & Business WritingLiberal Arts
ENG 236Women in Changing SocietyLiberal Arts
ENG 242Sports in Film & LitLiberal Arts
ENG 246Short Story & NovelLiberal Arts
ENG 247Poetry and DramaLiberal Arts
ENG 249African American LitLiberal Arts
ENG 252ShakespeareLiberal Arts
ENG 254Children's LiteratureLiberal Arts
ENG 255American Lit 19 CenturyLiberal Arts
ENG 256American Lit 20 CenturyLiberal Arts
ENG 257World Literature ILiberal Arts
ENG 261Creative Writing ILiberal Arts
ENG 262Creative Writing IILiberal Arts
ENT 101Entrepreneurship 101Business & Computer Technology
ENT 102Ent Marketing NicheBusiness & Computer Technology
ENT 169Business PlanBusiness & Computer Technology
FRN 131Elementary French ILiberal Arts
FRN 132Elementary French IILiberal Arts
FYS 105College Success SeminarAll Pathways
FYS 110Life MapsAll Pathways
FYS 131Navigating College and LifeAll Pathways
FYS 150Honors LeadershipAll Pathways
GEL 109Earth ScienceScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
GEL 160Intro to GeologyScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
GEO 131Physical GeographyScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
GEO 132World RegionsScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
GER 131Elementary German ILiberal Arts
GER 132Elementary German IILiberal Arts
HIS 120Ancient HistoryHuman Services
HIS 125African-American HistoryHuman Services
HIS 131West Civ to 1555Human Services
HIS 132West Civ 1555 to PresentHuman Services
HIS 231Dev US thru Civil WarHuman Services
HIS 232Dev US from Civil WarHuman Services
HIS 23520th Century HistoryHuman Services
HOC 130Intro Health OccupationsHealth Sciences
HOC 135EKG TechnicianHealth Sciences
HOC 140Pharm Tech ConceptsHealth Sciences
HOC 145Phlebotomy TechHealth Sciences
HOC 150Electronic Health RecordsHealth Sciences
HOC 210Pharmancy Technician Exam PrepHealth Sciences
HPF 110GolfScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 119Intro to YogaScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 141Group CyclingScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 143Yoga IIScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 160WellnessScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 161Personalized FitnessScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 168Weight Training & ConditioningScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 169Aerobic RhythmsScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 173Sports MattersScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 182Light WalkingScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 186Weight Training & WellnesScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 187Interval TrainingScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 221Jazz Technique IScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 268Adv Weight TrainingScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 277Stress ManagementScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HPF 283Managing Stress & HealthScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
HTM 300Introduction to Tourism & HospitalityBusiness & Computer Technology
HTM 313Hospitality EthicsBusiness & Computer Technology
HTM 320Club & Special Event ManagementBusiness & Computer Technology
HTM 325Gaming & Convention Sales ManagementBusiness & Computer Technology
HTM 330Hospitality Sales & MarketingBusiness & Computer Technology
HUM 131Cultural ConnectionsLiberal Arts
HUM 220US-BrazilLiberal Arts
HUM 250Studies in LeadershipLiberal Arts
IEI 025American Culture
IEI 035Listening and Speaking
IEI 036Speaking and Listening II
IEI 055Grammar for Academic English
IEI 065Reading and Vocabulary
IEI 066Reading 2
IEI 075Grammar and Composition
LPN 131Foundations of NursingHealth Sciences
LPN 132MedicationsHealth Sciences
LPN 141Body Structure & FunctionHealth Sciences
LPN 180Nursing Care Adults-IAHealth Sciences
LPN 181Nursing Care Adults-IBHealth Sciences
LPN 186Maternal Child ConceptsHealth Sciences
MAT 019Rapid Review MathScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 020Pre-AlgebraScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 030Foundations of MathScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 033Algebra for StatisticsScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 039Beginning AlgebraScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 130Quant ReasoningScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 131Intermediate AlgebraScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 133Intro to Probability & StatsScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 135Finite MathematicsScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 139College AlgebraScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 141PrecalculusScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 151Calculus IScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 154Calculus IIScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 210Foundations of Mathematics IScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 211Foundations of Mathematics IIScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 251Calculus IIIScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MAT 254Differential EquationsScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
MED 115Foundations of ClinicalHealth Sciences
MED 116Phys Exams & Diagnostic TestHealth Sciences
MED 215Specialty ExamsHealth Sciences
MED 216Surgical Procedures and LabHealth Sciences
MED 251MA CapstoneHealth Sciences
MED 252MA PracticumHealth Sciences
MFG 105Blueprint ReadingProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
MFG 115 G D & TProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
MFG 160Materials/MetallurgyProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
MFG 164Basic Fab.Professional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
MFG 166Precision Machining MethodsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
MFG 170Hydraulics/PneumaticsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
MFG 172CNC TheoryProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
MFG 174CNC ProgrammingProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
MFG 185Maintenance & TroubleshootingProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
MFG 190Drive Components & BearingsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
MFG 200Basic Gauges & MeasurementProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
MFG 240Intro to QualityProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
MFG 261Strength of Mat'l/MfgProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
MIC 101ICD-CM CodingHealth Sciences
MIC 141Principles of Coding/BillingHealth Sciences
MIC 150CPT CodingHealth Sciences
MIC 201Billing SystemsHealth Sciences
MIC 211Advanced CodingHealth Sciences
MIC 255Coder/Biller CapstoneHealth Sciences
MOA 112Medical Law and EthicsHealth Sciences
MOA 120Medical TerminologyHealth Sciences
MOA 141Body Structure & FunctionHealth Sciences
MOA 145Norm/Therapeutic NutritionHealth Sciences
MOA 240Medical Office ProceduresHealth Sciences
MOA 241Principles-Med Coding/BillingHealth Sciences
MOA 242Advanced Medical BillingHealth Sciences
MOA 255Hais PracticumHealth Sciences
MUS 103Keyboard ILiberal Arts
MUS 104Keyboard IILiberal Arts
MUS 105Keyboard IIILiberal Arts
MUS 106Keyboard IVLiberal Arts
MUS 107Guitar ILiberal Arts
MUS 108Guitar IILiberal Arts
MUS 123Voice ClassLiberal Arts
MUS 124Advanced Voice ClassLiberal Arts
MUS 129Community Concert BandLiberal Arts
MUS 130Music of Non-Western CulturesLiberal Arts
MUS 131Understanding MusicLiberal Arts
MUS 132History American Popular MusicLiberal Arts
MUS 133Music EducationLiberal Arts
MUS 135African Drum EnsembleLiberal Arts
MUS 136Brass EnsembleLiberal Arts
MUS 137Jazz EnsembleLiberal Arts
MUS 138Woodwind EnsembleLiberal Arts
MUS 151Music Theory ILiberal Arts
MUS 152Music Theory IILiberal Arts
MUS 167Applied MusicLiberal Arts
MUS 168Applied MusicLiberal Arts
MUS 177Applied MusicLiberal Arts
MUS 178Applied MusicLiberal Arts
MUS 190Broadway ReviewLiberal Arts
MUS 267Applied MusicLiberal Arts
NSC 131Contemporary ScienceLiberal Arts
NUR 101Fundamentals of NursingHealth Sciences
NUR 103Intro to Professional NursingHealth Sciences
NUR 121PharmacologyHealth Sciences
NUR 124Transitions BridgeHealth Sciences
NUR 171Supportive Educative NursingHealth Sciences
NUR 172PathophysiologyHealth Sciences
NUR 176Family I - Maternal NursingHealth Sciences
NUR 207Norm/Therapeutic NutritionHealth Sciences
NUR 236Maternal Child ObHealth Sciences
NUR 237Maternal Child PedHealth Sciences
NUR 245Health AssessmentHealth Sciences
NUR 246Holistic Health AssessmentHealth Sciences
NUR 247Mental Health TransitionHealth Sciences
NUR 270Partially CompensatoryHealth Sciences
NUR 272Mental HealthHealth Sciences
NUR 274LeadershipHealth Sciences
NUR 274LeadershipHealth Sciences
NUR 275Wholly CompensatoryHealth Sciences
NUR 276Family II-Nursing of ChildrenHealth Sciences
NUR 277MH NurHealth Sciences
PHL 231Intro to PhilosophyHuman Services
PHL 232LogicHuman Services
PHL 236EthicsHuman Services
PHL 243Great World ReligionsHuman Services
PHY 131Conceptual PhysicsScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
PHY 145Introduction to Basic PhysicsScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
PHY 150Concepts in AstronomyScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
PHY 151AstronomyScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
PHY 231College Physics IScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
PHY 232College Physics IIScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
PHY 251Modern Univ Physics IScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
PHY 252Modern Univ Physics IIScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
PLS 141American Natl GovtHuman Services
PLS 262International RelationsHuman Services
PSY 140Intro to PsychologyHuman Services
PSY 140AIntro to PsychologyHuman Services
PSY 144Intro to Probability & StatsHuman Services
PSY 152Social PsychologyHuman Services
PSY 161Intro to CounselingHuman Services
PSY 222Applied Behavioral AnalysisHuman Services
PSY 225Introduction to Group TherapyHuman Services
PSY 232Sports PsyHuman Services
PSY 245Infancy ChildhoodHuman Services
PSY 251Abnormal PsychologyHuman Services
PSY 252Developmental PsychologyHuman Services
PSY 256Educational PsychologyHuman Services
PSY 290Human SexualityHuman Services
PSY 344Organizational PsychologyHuman Services
RAD 120Radiologic OrientationHealth Sciences
RAD 121Radiographic Positioning IHealth Sciences
RAD 125Radiographic Positioning IIHealth Sciences
RAD 126Clinical Practicum IHealth Sciences
RAD 160Fundamentals RAD ScienceHealth Sciences
RAD 161Radiographic ExposureHealth Sciences
RAD 162Clinical Practicum IIHealth Sciences
RAD 209Cross Sectional ImagingHealth Sciences
RAD 211Clinical Practicum IIIHealth Sciences
RAD 212Special RAD StudiesHealth Sciences
RAD 213RadiobiologyHealth Sciences
RAD 214Clinical Practicum IVHealth Sciences
RAD 218Radiographic PathologyHealth Sciences
RAD 219Clinical Practicum VHealth Sciences
RAD 220Computed Tomography FundamentalsHealth Sciences
RAD 250CT Clinical IHealth Sciences
RAD 252CT Clinical IIHealth Sciences
RES 100Respiratory Care Techniques IHealth Sciences
RES 101Intro Resp. CareHealth Sciences
RES 104Cardiopulmonary AssessmentHealth Sciences
RES 110Respiratory Care Techniques IIHealth Sciences
RES 114Cardiopulm Path IHealth Sciences
RES 115Clinical Practice IHealth Sciences
RES 120Respiratory Care Techniques IIHealth Sciences
RES 124Respiratory PharmacologyHealth Sciences
RES 125Clinical Practice IIHealth Sciences
RES 126Cariopulm Path IIHealth Sciences
RES 204Diagnostic TheoryHealth Sciences
RES 205Clinical Practice IIIHealth Sciences
RES 207Adv. Cardiopulm. A & PHealth Sciences
RES 210Pediatric Resp CareHealth Sciences
RES 220Respiratory SeminarHealth Sciences
RES 225Clinical Practice IVHealth Sciences
SEM 140Seminar in Life PathwaysAll Pathways
SEM 255Sports Management CapstoneBusiness & Computer Technology
SMT 100Sport ManagementBusiness & Computer Technology
SMT 230Principles of Sports MarketingBusiness & Computer Technology
SMT 245InternshipBusiness & Computer Technology
SOC 112Service Exploration & Social IssuesHuman Services
SOC 117CriminologyHuman Services
SOC 122Service in ActionHuman Services
SOC 152Social PsychologyHuman Services
SOC 203Field Studies - InternshipHuman Services
SOC 231Principles of SociologyHuman Services
SOC 235Minority Groups AmericaHuman Services
SOC 236Women in Changing SocietyHuman Services
SOC 246Marriage and FamilyHuman Services
SPN 131Elem Spanish ILiberal Arts
SPN 132Elem Spanish IILiberal Arts
SPN 221Spanish Composition & Conversation ILiberal Arts
SPN 222Spanish Composition & Conversation IILiberal Arts
SPN 231Intermediate Spanish ILiberal Arts
SPN 232Intermediate Spanish IILiberal Arts
STM 101Intro to SustainabilityProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
STM 401Systems ThinkingProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
THR 102Theatre ActivitiesLiberal Arts
THR 116Intro to TheatreLiberal Arts
THR 131Stagecraft ILiberal Arts
THR 134Stagecraft IILiberal Arts
THR 145Fundamentals of Acting ILiberal Arts
THR 146Fundamentals of Acting IILiberal Arts
THR 151Make-Up for Stage & VideoLiberal Arts
THR 201Backstage CertificationLiberal Arts
THR 216Voice for the ActorLiberal Arts
THR 241Lighting for Stage and VideoLiberal Arts
THR 242Sound for Stage & VideoLiberal Arts
THR 260Intro to DirectingLiberal Arts
THR 268Theatre PracticumLiberal Arts
UAS 101Intro to Unmanned Aerial SystemsProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
WLD 100Fundamentals of WeldingProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
WLD 110MIG/TIG WeldingProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
WLD 115Welding of Aluminum/StainlessProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
WLD 220Welding Certification PrepProfessional Trades/Industry 4.0 & Agriculture
WRL 102Portuguese Conversation ILiberal Arts
WRL 104Mandarin ILiberal Arts

Course Review

Course review occurs to assure that each reference to the course and each section taught adheres to the same basic standards for the course. It monitors the documentation of the course, the quality of the course across sections, the currency and the transferability. This process occurs for each course once every five years.

Assessment at the Program or Discipline Level

How well does this program prepare students for work or transfer? How do we know?

While some students enroll in one or a few courses to satisfy their goals, many students pursue programs of study designed to provide employable skills or to facilitate transfer to a university. Each type of program has unique expectations of student achievement in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities, and each program measures them in highly articulated fashion. Where appropriate, such strategies as capstone courses, portfolios, summative performance measures, and external validation measures such as licensure exams and transfer experiences, may all play a role. In addition, across all types of programs, faculty are sensitive to issues of student persistence and retention, rates of successful completion of courses within the program, and the extent to which students in later courses are integrating content and concepts across courses within the program. In some cases, measures of student achievement at the program or discipline level are based on direct demonstration of achievement in specific courses focused on capstone or integrative skills. In other cases, measures are more difficult to craft, and assignments are designed to elicit evidence of successful attainment. In many occupational programs, faculty confer with each other as a result of their supervision of students in performance environments. In transfer-oriented or pre-baccalaureate programs, faculty within the core discipline(s) identify integrative abilities expected of students who have successfully completed a significant course sequence, and create means to assess those outcomes. At the program or discipline level, assessment is focused on the core competencies integral to the program, and the abilities of students at program completion, whether their goals are employment, transfer, or both.

Assessment outcomes at the program or discipline level are reported as part of the program/discipline review process, which occurs on a five-year basis. Generally, the review of these data stimulates discussion among program or discipline faculty, which often leads to plans for improvement of student learning. Additionally, the reporting of these data at Academic Council often stimulates further discussion and may lead to innovative action plans, the outcomes of which are similarly focused on improvement of student learning and performance.

3D Design & AnimationBusiness & Computer Technology/Liberal Arts
AccountingBusiness & Computer Technology
Accounting - CertificateBusiness & Computer Technology
Advanced ManufacturingSkilled Trades & Agriculture
Agriculture TechnologySkilled Trades & Agriculture
Allied Health General StudiesHealth Sciences
Associate in ArtsLiberal Arts
Associate in Applied SciencesLiberal Arts
Associate in General StudiesLiberal Arts
Associate in ScienceScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Automotive Service TechnologySkilled Trades & Agriculture
Aviation Flight TechnologySkilled Trades & Agriculture
BiologyScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Business AdministrationBusiness & Computer Technology
Business Administration - CertificateBusiness & Computer Technology
Cardiac SonograpyHealth Sciences
ChemistryScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Cloud Networking (CLNE)Business & Computer Technology
Computer Programming SpecialistBusiness & Computer Technology
Computer Service Technician - CertificateBusiness & Computer Technology
Computer Support SpecialistBusiness & Computer Technology
CorrectionsHuman Services
Corrections - CertificateHuman Services
Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management - B.S.Business & Computer Technology
Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management Business & Computer Technology
Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management - CertificateBusiness & Computer Technology
Cyber SecurityBusiness & Computer Technology
Dental Hygiene (transfer)Health Sciences
Digital Photography - Certificate Health Sciences
EconomicsHuman Services
eCommerce Consultant - CertificateHuman Services
ElectricianSkilled Trades & Agriculture
Electronic Technology/ELTSkilled Trades & Agriculture
Electronic Technology/Microcomputer SupportSkilled Trades & Agriculture
Emergency Medical TechnologyHealth Sciences
Energy Systems Management (BS)Skilled Trades & Agriculture
Energy Systems TechnologySkilled Trades & Agriculture
EntrepreneurshipBusiness & Computer Technology
Entrepreneurship - CertificateBusiness & Computer Technology
Environmental ScienceScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Environmental Science - CertificateScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Executive AssistantBusiness & Computer Technology
First Year SeminarLiberal Arts
Foundation Studies - Reading ENG 080-085Liberal Arts
Fundamentals of Engineering - CertificateScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
General SonographyHealth Sciences
Geology & GeographyScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Graphic DesignBusiness & Computer Technology/Liberal Arts
Graphic Design - CertificateBusiness & Computer Technology/Liberal Arts
Health Administration/Insurance SpecialistHealth Sciences
Health and Physical FitnessScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Industrial Systems - CertificateSkilled Trades & Agriculture
Law Enforcement Human Services
Law Enforcement - Certificate Human Services
Literature & HumanitiesLiberal Arts
Management - CertificateBusiness & Computer Technology
Manufacturing Design - CertificateSkilled Trades & Agriculture
Marketing - CertificateBusiness & Computer Technology
Mathematics & EngineeringScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Medical AssistantHealth Sciences/Business & Computer Technology
Medical Sciences (tansfer)Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Microsoft Office Specialist - CertificateBusiness & Computer Technology
Music (transfer)Liberal Arts
Networking SpecialistBusiness & Computer Technology
Networking Specialist - CertificateBusiness & Computer Technology
NursingHealth Sciences
Nursing (LPN to ADN)Health Sciences
Occupational StudiesSkilled Trades & Agriculture
PhysicsScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Political ScienceHuman Services
Practical Nursing - CertificateHealth Sciences
Practical Nursing - CertificateScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Pre-Veterinary (transfer)Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Psychology (Transfer)Human Services
RadiographyHealth Sciences
Respiratory CareHealth Sciences
SociologyHuman Services
Sports ManagementBusiness & Computer Technology
Studio ArtLiberal Arts
Therapy (transfer)Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Vascular SonographyHealth Sciences
Vascular SonographyHealth Sciences
Welding - CertificateSkilled Trades & Agriculture

Program and Discipline Review

Program and discipline reviews assess how well the program or discipline prepares the student for work or for transfer. This process occurs on a five-year basis.


Assessment of General Education at the Degree Level

Each college or university defines general education in a way consistent with their mission and student population. At Jackson College, our definition is reflected in both our published philosophy of general education, and in our assessment strategies.

General Education Philosophy

A message to students from JC faculty:

General education facilitates the development of an informed and educated person who recognizes and respects the diversity of communities, thinks critically and is proficient at fundamental skills. General education engages students in active learning by providing opportunities to observe, analyze and evaluate, and to apply these skills critically to problems. General education fosters the development of responsible, ethical human beings dedicated to improving their own lives and the lives of others through work, family life, social and political action, cultural awareness and service to others.

Because JC’s vision includes a variety of educational, cultural and economic goals, the general education requirements involve both traditional intellectual pursuits and practical skill development. As the general education requirements are designed to ensure breadth and depth of knowledge, they are met through carefully designed programs of study. Programs of study help students meet these goals by addressing each of the skill areas identified in the General Education Outcomes. These are skills which the JC Board of Trustees has determined students should develop or enhance while enrolled in the college.

General Education Outcomes

  1. Write clearly, concisely and intelligibly
  2. Recognize the importance of equity and inclusion in a diverse society
  3. Demonstrate computational skills and mathematical reasoning
  4. Demonstrate scientific reasoning
  5. Understand human behavior and social systems, and the principles which govern them
  6. Identify artistic, linguistic, and theoretical perspectives across the human experience

In addition to the GEOs listed above, the college is committed to helping students develop three Institutional Learning Outcomes. These skills are embedded in each program of study, and are shaped by the program focus and the pathway within which the program is hosted.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

  1. Think critically and act responsibly
  2. Work productively with others, recognizing individual contributions to group success
  3. Exhibit technological literacy

Assessment of General Education Outcomes and Institutional Learning Outcomes

At graduation, to what extent have students achieved the transcendent abilities defined by the college? How do we know?

Students are certified eligible for graduation only on the professional judgment of the faculty. Only faculty members can recommend a student for the award of college credit, and for an associate degree or certificate of program completion. As a faculty, we have collectively identified ten major outcomes we expect students to achieve prior to the awarding of the associate degree. Not coincidentally, we refer to these competencies or abilities as General Education Outcomes (GEOs) and Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs). While each graduating student will achieve each outcome, each will, depending on program of study, achieve these outcomes in various ways, just as Rome can be reached via various roads. Similarly, virtually all faculty members in all courses contribute some effort to the development of these outcomes.

Just as the pathways to the achievement of the GEOs and ECs vary, so too do the strategies faculty members employ to develop these abilities in their students, and the methods faculty use to assess student achievement of these outcomes. To make the assessment of student achievement at the degree level both possible and meaningful, faculty employ various strategies to assess these outcomes. To facilitate this effort, guidance is at hand. Working cooperatively with the General Education Committee, the Assessment Committee drafted templates of rubrics for the specification of learning outcomes and their assessment, for each GEO at both the core competence and contextual competence levels. While the specifications of student competencies (leftmost two columns in each rubric) are fixed or consistent, the strategies for assessment and success criteria are adapted for each general education course and for each program or pathway. General Education courses are designed to develop these outcomes at the level of core competence, while the level of contextual competence is developed by the student’s entire program of study. For each general education course, responsible (lead) faculty members edit the rubric to identify the strategies which the course will use to achieve the GEO outcomes. Assessment at the level of core competence is conducted whenever the course is offered, and the results are reported to the assessment committee by the lead faculty member for the course, at least annually. In this effort, lead faculty have a special role in aggregating data across sections of a course. The assessment committee provides forms for individual faculty, both full-time and adjunct, to easily report their individual course section data to the lead faculty member, who then forwards the aggregated data electronically to the committee.

Assessment of GEOs at the level of contextual competence, as well as ILOs at the level of contextual competence, is conducted on a cyclical basis, with one GEO and one ILO selected for each year. Students in or approaching their final enrollment period prior to graduation will be selected to participate in an activity developed by the faculty most qualified in that specific GEO or ILO, in concert with the assessment committee, and adapted to the specific pathway or program. Assessment data and exemplars of student performance will be submitted to the assessment committee for analysis.

In some years, JC has also employed the CAAP test as a means of tracking student progress in a number of nationally-normed skill areas as they pursue the associate degree. In addition, the college has used other indirect measures of student engagement and progress. We collectively use this information to improve recruitment, retention, and program design. As a college, we share aggregated data with our Board of Trustees, who have included this requirement in one of their annual “Ends” reports, congruent with their policy governance model. In all cases, the data are used to improve student learning and experience at the college and beyond.

General Education Outcomes (GEO)

Because the vision of Jackson College includes a variety of educational, cultural and economic goals, the general education requirements involve both traditional intellectual pursuits and practical skill development. As the general education requirements are designed to ensure breadth and depth of knowledge, they are met through carefully designed programs of study. Programs of study help students meet these goals by addressing each of the skill areas identified in the General Education Outcomes. These are skills which the Jackson College Board of Trustees has determined students should develop or enhance while enrolled in the college.

List of Courses by GEO

GEO Description Core Competence Contextual Competence
 1 Write clearly, concisely and intelligibly GEO 1 Core Rubric GEO 1 Contextual Rubric
 2 Recognize the importance of equity and inclusion in a diverse society GEO 2 Core Rubric GEO 2 Contextual Rubric
 3 Demonstrate computational skills and mathematical reasoning GEO 3 Core Rubric GEO 3 Contextual Rubric
 4 Demonstrate scientific reasoning GEO 4 Core Rubric GEO 4 Contextual Rubric
 5 Understand human behavior and social systems and the principles which govern them GEO 5 Core Rubric GEO 5 Contextual Rubric

Identify artistic, linguistic, and theoretical perspectives across the human experience

GEO 6 Core Rubric GEO 6 Contextual Rubric

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO)

In addition to the GEOs, the college is committed to helping students develop three Institutional Learning Outcomes. These skills are embedded in each program of study, and are shaped by the program focus and the pathway within which the program is hosted.

ILO Description Contextual Competence
 1 Think critically and act responsibly ILO 1 Rubric
 2 Work productively with others, recognizing individual contributions to group success ILO 2 Rubric
 3 Exhibit technological literacy ILO 3 Rubric

GEO Criteria Success Rates