Why Jackson College?

We welcome you to be part of an organization that not only works toward excellence in higher education but contributes to a kinder, caring world. Challenging times have shined a light on difficulties that many of our students and employees face each day. As a College, we are committed to educating ourselves to understand our students and our neighbors better, so all can succeed in their educational goals.

There is no place at Jackson College for bias, hate and unkind actions. The College is committed to tearing down obstacles that have blocked the paths of too many and increasing understanding of all. This is accomplished through innovation, cooperation and examination at all levels. If this purposeful work aligns with your personal values and beliefs, we welcome you to apply to become part of the Jackson College team.

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Social Responsibility

Jackson college strives to make a positive difference to the life and future of our region by taking socially responsible decisions that have real, beneficial, measurable impacts on the people and the world around us. We make a significant contribution to our communities and society as a whole through our research, our education and a wide range of activities undertaken by our staff, students and alumni.

Employee Incentives

  • Competitive Benefits

    Jackson College offers a competitive compensation package for qualifying employees that provides a full spectrum of benefits including health, dental, vision, tuition reimbursement, professional development, and extensive paid time off.

  • Computer Purchase

    Need a computer for your home? Full-time JC employees who have completed their probationary period, can purchase a computer for home use via payroll deduction. You can pay for your computer spread over 26 pays. New computers may be purchased every three (3) years. Contact Sandie Beagle for more information.

  • Free/Reduced Tuition

    Don’t forget about the JC tuition waiver for when you, your spouse or dependents take JC classes. Full-time faculty, staff, and administration receive free tuition at JC. Part-time faculty, and staff accrue tuition credits. Contact Human Resources for more information.

    Siena Heights University gives Jackson College full-time employees, who have been employed for at least one year, a fixed dollar discount of $80 per credit hour for both bachelor’s and master’s degree courses.  Call extension 8672 for more information.

    Franklin University is offering both full and part time employees a discount on tuition.  The undergraduate discount is 15%, while the graduate discount is 10%.

  • Professional Development at Jackson College

    JC believes in giving our employees the tools and opportunities to excel at their career, which is why we provide numerous professional development opportunities throughout the year.  Please visit the professional development web page for information on upcoming opportunities.

  • Workout Facilities

    On the  Central Campus, eligible employees can use the fitness center which is located in the Victor Cuiss Fieldhouse. Hours are available upon request. Lifetime Learning (LTL) Courses is excluded from tuition grants with the exception of one (1) LTL Health and Physical Fitness course per semester.

    Hillsdale employees and students now qualify for a discount at Anytime Fitness located in the Market House Plaza 2010 W. Carleton Road, Hillsdale. Your membership includes 24 hour access to all Anytime fitness facilities and tanning at the Hillsdale location only for a low price of $29.99 per month for 12 months, along with a $30 processing fee.  Any additional members from the same household will also be $29.99 per month, along with $30 processing fee. Please show your JC ID to receive this discount.

    JC has partnered with the Lenawee YMCA to offer Health and Physical Fitness classes. Eligible employees may use their tuition credits to participate in these classes.

    Lenawee employees and students now qualify for discounts at The Fitness Connection in Tecumseh, just show your id and JC employees receive 20% off, while students receive nearly 40% off!

  • Cellular Discounts

    Did you know that if you have a cell phone with Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile you could receive a discount just because you are a JC employee? Please click on the hyperlinks for more details.

  • Health Clinic

    Jackson College has partnered with Allegiance Health to offer JC students and employees medical care evaluation and treatment from the clinic’s caring staff. A licensed nurse practitioner and technical staff will be in the office to see patients, make diagnosis and assessment, prescribe medications or make referrals. JC nursing and allied health students will also help as part of their education.

    Health Clinic website
  • On-Site Day Care

    Need day care for your child? ABC Academy operates a day care center on the campus of Jackson College. Priority for enrollment is given to students and then to JC employees before enrollment is opened to the public. Call 768-9323 for more information. JC students and employees receive a 5% discount.

  • Recycling

    Plastics can be recycled on the Central Campus at five locations:

    1. On the east side of Potter Center by the Bookstore entrance.
    2. On the west side of the Fieldhouse at the main entrance.
    3. Between McDivitt and Atkinson Halls.
    4. Outside the main door at Campus View.
    5. On the south courtyard at Whiting Hall.
    6. Jets Hanger all-in-one bin for paper/plastic/metal/glass

    Paper can be recycled in each of the buildings. Potter Center bins are in the back hallway near the Federer Rooms and the other buildings have bins under the stairways. Go GREEN!

  • Staff Tuition Reimbursement Program

    The College has established a tuition reimbursement program with an annual budget of $10,000.00. ESP bargaining unit members may apply to participate in the program and those accepted will receive reimbursement for coursework not offered at JC. Reimbursement will be the amount equal to the current JC tuition rate and will only be paid when the employee provides verification of successful completion of the course (2.0 or higher). ESP bargaining unit members participating in this program agree to continue their employment for a period of one year for each 24 credits covered, on a pro-rated basis, or refund the tuition reimbursement received. Applications must be submitted by April 1st for the coming academic year.